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Asbestos Minerals

Welcome to, your home on the internet for information and sales of Asbestos and Asbestos related minerals!

On the site you will find Asbestos from all around the world, handmade Asbestos paper and information about all the things "Asbestos"

We acquired the entire contents of all Asbestos-form minerals from the Philadelphia Academy of Science, all of which are photographed and showcased here. Some of them are even for sale, so check them out!

All of our specimens are shipped wrapped in plastic, to all corners of the world! Not only is Asbestos a misunderstood and universally feared item, few people even know it is a MINERAL! Asbestos Minerals are beautiful and interesting, making for a very unique addition to any collecting. Our material is also of interest to schools, scientists, research and even LAWYERS! So, if you are looking for a select specimen of Asbestos, you've come to the right place!

Thanks for checking out our site and please let us know about anything your would like to see here!

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